# Introduction

Welcome to Sensilet’s Developer Documentation. This documentation is for learning to develop applications for Sensilet.

# Why Sensilet

Sensilet was created to meet the needs of secure and usable BSV websites. In particular, it handles account management and connecting the user to the blockchain.

# Account Management

Sensilet allows users to manage accounts and their keys in a variety of ways. This is a great security improvement over storing the user keys on a single central server.

This security feature also comes with developer convenience: For developers, you simply interact with the globally available BitcoinSV API that identifies the users of web3-compatible browsers (like Sensilet users), and whenever you request a transaction signature (like pay, signTx, or others), Sensilet will prompt the user in as comprehensible a way as possible. This keeps users informed, and leaves attackers left trying to phish individual users rather than performing mass hacks .

Last Updated: 11/1/2021, 9:54:08 AM